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Cortona Art Group meets May and September

Art and Artists of Tuscany

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Cortona Art Group

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Traveller looks back at the rich art history of Tuscany and also discovers its post-modern and living artists.
Roberto Borgni (left) is one and see his work inspired by TS Eliot's words "in the room the women come and go talking of Michelangelo".  

Tuscany Traveller discovers  the provinces of Tuscany, its art, artisan produce and products, architecture, food, history and  special events. Traveller writes on, and photographs Tuscany,
the most special region of Italy. You can sample Tuscany, with us on Twitter Tuscany Traveler. @tuscanytraveler

Art and Architecture

The Food and Wine of Tuscany

The History of Tuscany
Get to know the commune, cittas 
and villes of Tuscany and the villas, apartments and agriturismo where 
Traveller stays and discover its 
sometimes hidden art and

Tuscan dishes derive their origins from cucina povera a poor or peasant cuisine using local, seasonal ingredients. More elaborate dishes of Renaissance origin were favoured by Tuscany’s nobles families.
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Traveller observes history in Tuscan architecture and landscape writing features for the website and free newsletter.

Tuscan Artisans and Crafts

Where we eat in Tuscany

Tuscan design and quality, reflects a care and passion in its products and produce, that is at the root of the Tuscan way of life. Pride and passion in how Tuscans look, and what they produce. The Italian love of life and beauty is very evident in Tuscan design and production standards. Tuscany Traveller finds superbly designed and made goods, from Tuscan artisans and crafters that have spent years developing their skills and work with their hands to their own or other's designs. 

Traditional and modern, Tuscan and fusion we write about where we eat. This month we feature Quanto Basta San Lorenzo, Firenze.

Traveller's Reviews
Tuscany is he most famous of the 20 regions of Italy. In central Italy, its western edge is coastline, but to the north, east and south it borders with 5 other regions: Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Umbria and Lazio. Tuscany is celebrated for its wealth of art, illustrious history (Etruscan and Roman) and richly evocative landscape. It's a place where the past and present fuse into a delicate harmony. Whichever part of the province you choose to explore, you will find an ancient land every bit as captivating as its reputation promises. Your only problem is deciding what to leave out.  Tuscany Traveller gets behind the tourist exteriors and finds the real Tuscany to make your choices easier and your travel even better. There are different types of holidays:you can laze by a pool or learn to cook, paint or take photographs, all holidays available. See Etruscan artefacts and Roman architecture. There is ballooning, bike tours on its beautiful roads, and sports including fencing and rowing. Let us tailor-make your stay or find the best villa, farmhouse with swimming pool or apartment for you to stay in.