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The life and arts of Tuscany 

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The history and art of Cortona

njoy a week getting to know Cortona and its art and artists really well. Stay in a Cortona apartment, either near the central piazza or with a panoramic view of the valley
(Val di Chiana), still within the Etruscan/ medieval walls.

From Etruscan through to Reinaisance periods we look at the the art and artists who have lived and worked in and around Cortona and the legacy they have left and help you find what still exists.

Visits to galleries, museums and artists studios are arranged and all aspects are optional so  you can soak up the culture, the sun or just relax experiencing the local Tuscan way of life. Meet local Cortona-based people invloved in the arts.

Increase your knowledge of the history of Tuscany and Cortona from Etruscan to present day in holiday mood.

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Some Tuscan Artists - Past and Present
Gino Severini (right), a member of the Futurist movement, was born in Cortona to a poor family. Educated at the local Scuola Tecnica until the age of 15, his interest in art developed later while living in Rome with his mother. He attended an annexe of the Rome Fine Art Institute and later worked with the painter Umberto Boccioni before moving and settling in Paris in 1906. Severini said later that he felt most at home in Cortona and although he died in Paris in 1966 aged 82, was buried in Cortona where his work can now be seen. 

Traveller looks back at the rich art history of Tuscany and also discovers its post-modern and living local artists, including Roberto Borgni (right), whose raku work has been inspired by TS Eliot's words "...in the room the women come and go talking of Michelangelo".

Tuscany Region of Italy
Tuscany is
the most famous of Italy's 20 regions, the western edge is coastline, but the north, east and south border five other regions: Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Le Marche, Umbria and Lazio. Celebrated for its wealth of art, illustrious history (Etruscan and Roman) and richly evocative landscape, Tuscany is a place where the past and present fuse into a delicate harmony. Whichever part of the region you choose to explore, you will find an ancient land every bit as captivating as its reputation promises, your only problem is deciding what to leave out. Tuscany Traveller gets behind the tourist exterior and finds the real Tuscany, focusing on local arts and cultural hidden treasures.  

Featuring Cortona comune and centre, Tuscany

Cortona, in the Arezzo province of Tuscany, is a small jewel-box walled town, perched 600 metres high above the Val di Chiana, a valley stretching 100 kilometers north to south between the plain of Arezzo and the plain of Orvieto in Umbria. Cortona sits on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, with stunning views across the valley; on clear days the twin peaks of Mont Amiata, on the western edge of the province of Siena, are visible. Cortona has conserved its treasures of architecture, art, landscape and its special way of life that has evolved from its Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance past. The history, current life and culture of Cortona will be of special interest to all who value Italy's and Tuscany's past and present

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